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Promotional range of products for cleaning your home. The line is structured to meet all customer needs and most of the products are MADE IN ITALY. All our products comply with the applicable safety standards, we are committed to offering products that are 100% safe, therefore our customers have nothing to worry about while using them. Our multi-year experience has taught us that that the product presentation in stores is very important, so we created a wide range of display boxes with customized artwork that, thanks to their modularity, are suitable both for small and big stores.

Display Boxes

Selection of items

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    Cod.: 48008
    Guanti in cotone, taglia unica.
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    Cod.: 48026
    Spazzola per piatti, colori assortiti.
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    Cod.: 48013
    Mocho ecologico bianco.
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    Cod.: 48027
    Scopino per WC, colori assortiti.
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    Cod.: 48017
    Mollette da bucato, colori assortiti, 20 pezzi.
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    Cod.: 48015
    Mollette multicolor antiscivolo, 10 pezzi.
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    Cod.: 48009
    Guanti in lattice.
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    Cod.: 48004
    Paletta raccogli sporco.
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    Cod.: 48012
    Spugne a spirale per incrostazioni, 2 pezzi.
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    Cod.: 48005
    Spugne abrasive sgrassanti in cellulosa vegetale, 2 pezzi.
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    Cod.: 48003
    Spugne abrasive antigraffio, 2 pezzi.
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    Cod.: 48001
    Spugne abrasive con proteggi unghie, 3 pezzi.
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    Cod.: 48000
    Spugne in fibra abrasiva, 3 pezzi
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    Cod.: 48028
    Panni cattura polvere, 10 pezzi, 22,5x29 cm.
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    Cod.: 48022
    Panno pavimenti, 2 pezzi, 40x50 cm.
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    Cod.: 48019
    Panno vetri in microfibra, 32x32 cm.
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    Cod.: 48018
    Panno polvere per mobili e schermi, 30x30 cm.
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    Cod.: 48011
    Panno in microfibra 30x30 cm.

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