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Our range of Gardening items is dedicated to all garden lovers, it includes hand tools, gardening equipment and balcony accessories. Thanks to our focused item selections we can create customized promotions in order to meet any requirements. All our products comply with the applicable safety standards, we are committed to offering products that are 100% safe, therefore our customers have nothing to worry about while using them. Our multi-year experience has taught us that that the product presentation in stores is very important, so we created a wide range of display boxes with customized artwork that, thanks to their modularity, are suitable both for small and big stores.

Display Boxes

Selection of items

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    Cod.: 59503
    Forbice regolabile per erba
  • info
    Cod.: 59506
    Rastrello con manico in legno
  • info
    Cod.: 56512
    Forbice professionale in alluminio, con lame in acciaio
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    Cod.: 59511
    Guanti da giardino con manichetta
  • info
    Cod.: 59505
    Tubo da giardino, diametro 1/2", mt. 12
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    Cod.: 59512
    Torcia solare da giardino a led, in alluminio
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    Cod.: 58506
    Irrigatore rotante su base, attacco rapido
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    Cod.: 59501
    Accetta con manico antiscivolo, gr. 600
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    Cod.: 56511
    Badile in acciaio con manico in legno, cm. 90
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    Cod.: 56501
    Forbice per siepi, lame in acciaio e manici antiscivolo
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    Cod.: 56506
    Pistola per irrigazione a 7 funzioni, attacco rapido
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    Cod.: 55109
    Seghetto con lama ripiegabile, cm. 18
  • info
    Cod.: 56505
    Forbice professionale da giardino con lame a incrocio
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    Cod.: 58502
    Occhiali protettivi in PVC, conformi alla norma CE EN166
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    Cod.: 57500
    Rastrello in metallo
  • info
    Cod.: 57501
    Pianta bulbi in metallo con manico in plastica
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    Cod.: 55507
    Utensile a zappetta
  • info
    Cod.: 57503
    Forbici per fiori multiuso
  • info
    Cod.: 55508
    Nastro verde ultraresistente mm. 38 x mt. 20
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    Cod.: 54504
    Supporto da parete per tubi in gomma
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    Cod.: 53501
    Termometro da esterno
  • info
    Cod.: 55505
    Utensile a tre punte con manico in plastica
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    Cod.: 52514
    Umidificatore per piante in vaso
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    Cod.: 54500
    Nebulizzatore 500 cc.

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